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Gruppo Mediobanca’s commitment

By our customers’ side, since 1960

Gruppo Mediobanca’s commitment

Over the last year, as a Group, we have been working on setting out a sustainability programme based on sound, practical measures. We have thus come up with a series of guidelines designed to limit the scope of our actions to an established number of areas, in order to ensure our commitments and objectives are consistent and carefully aligned.

To this end, in addition to the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct already in force, the Group has also adopted a Sustainability Policy and a specific management system, with a Committee and sustainability function within the Group. The CEO personally oversees all the activities regarding sustainability.

These operations were guided by a principle shared at Group level, which sees proper, transparent and responsible conduct as the key to protecting the company’s reputation, credibility and consensus over the years.

Today, with the Group’s new Sustainability Policy, and in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the 193 UN member countries, we have chosen to devote our efforts to five specific areas: the fight against corruption, the defence of human rights, the importance of diversity and respect for equal opportunities, environmental protection and responsible investment.

Our commitment is developed in our daily activities and our relationship with the local area, communities, customers, investors, shareholders, public organisations and our own staff. Relations with our stakeholders are a fundamental part of our sustainability programme.